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Award Criteria

We welcome any non-profit organization addressing animal welfare issues to submit an application for an Earthpaw Innovation Award. When selecting our recipients, we will be assessing on the following criteria:

InnovationINNOVATION! Foremost, we are looking for applicants that seek to implement innovative solutions, in line with our aspirations to reach great heights in solving animal welfare issues.

Idaho IDAHO! We are looking primarily for applicants based in Idaho or that address animal welfare issues in Idaho; however, we will consider applicants from all 50 states and applicants that address national animal welfare issues.

Passion PASSION! We are seeking applicants that exhibit strong values, leadership, and passion in their pursuit of animal welfare solutions.

SustainableSUSTAINABILITY! Whenever possible, we are also looking for applicants that have a sustainable approach that will make it possible to successfully grow and replicate the program on a larger scale.

Earthpaw Innovation Awards

earthpaw's reason for being is to reward innovation by making strategic contributions to U.S.-based non-profit organizations that pursue creative solutions to animal welfare issues. We are especially interested in programs that propose innovative ways to tackle long-standing problems in areas such as spay/neuter programs, animal rescue and adoption, and owner/community education. We encourage applications for seed money to launch pilot programs or try out new ideas.

In 2013, Fuzzy Pawz Rescue received an Earthpaw Innovation Award for their Seniors for Seniors Program! Read more about it.

In 2012, the Best Friends Animal Society Los Angeles Pup My Ride program received an Earthpaw Innovation Award! Read more about it.

In 2011, the Inmate Dog Alliance Program of Idaho received the inaugural Earthpaw Innovation Award! Read more about it.

How To Apply

The application process is purposefully simple: in two pages or less, provide the information listed in 1-10 below.

  1. Name of Organization
  2. Organization Website
  3. Contact Name and Title
  4. Contact Email Address
  5. Contact Phone Number
  6. What is your organization's mission? Include information about your values, leadership, or passion for animals as relevant.
  7. Please describe the program for which you are seeking support, including its target market/audience and an explanation of how your program is innovative.
  8. What is the (anticipated or actual) impact of your program and how do you/will you measure success?
  9. What level of contribution (between $2500-$5000) are you requesting, and how will this impact your program?

Then send it to earthpaw by email ( or snail mail:
earthpaw LLC
967 E Parkcenter Blvd., #245
Boise, ID 83706
by September 1st. That's it! Simple, right?

Selections will be announced by October 1st on and applicants will also be notified by email.